Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DINING DIVA REVIEW: Blue Springs Cafe and Diamond Mineral Springs--It's not fancy but is sure is good!

Blue Springs Cafe is located right off of I-70 in Highland and they have a sister restaurant in Grant Fork (pop. 250) off Highway 160 so I am just about smack in the middle of the tow of them and they have the same food and decor--Country Kitchen. One is in a former Stuckey's and the other in a big old farm house. Nothing fancy here, but it's all fresh and homemade--including pies made just like your granny used to make--homemade crust and all! The food could be awesome with a little imagination, but it's the solid no-frills home cooking you used to find every Sunday afternoon after church at your grandma's house. Service varies, but the food is always fresh, and everything is served family style and every entree comes with bowls of real mashed potatoes and gravy, beets, cole slaw, homemade biscuits, honey and whatever sides come with the meal on the plate, usually stuffing with the turkey and roast pork. They have a standing selection of menu selections that are posted on the wall in several places. Fried chicken that is crispy and juicy, fried fish, gizzards and livers, roast pork loin that comes with stuffing in addition to all the sides, same for the roasted turkey dinner. Roast beef, chopped steak, and other family favorites round out the selections Beer and wine is available and make sure you save room for the amazing homemade pies made totally from scratch--lemon, chocolate cream, coconut cream, and an assortment of fruit pies--blackberry, cherry, peach and more! Saturday they have a steak special at the Blue Springs Cafe--filet mignon, salad, choice of potato, bread, glass of wine for 13.99 and it's GOOD!! The service is friendly and fairly efficient and the atmosphere is pure country kitchen. They give you more food than anyone could possibly eat--the last time I ate dinner there, I had lunch for 2 days out of the doggie bag I took home, but pack up half your dinner and make sure you get a slice of the best pie I've had since Grandma Dean passed on 40 years ago.
Food 3.5 stars
Service 3 stars

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