Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dining Diva Review: Outback Steakhouse, Fairview Heights IL

The Outback Steakhouse in Fairview Heights is a disgrace to the Outback brand, and should lose its franchise designation as it is closer to an outhouse than an Outback. Nothing they're doing at that restaurant is done correctly. In my last three visits, they have screwed up my food each and every time, and although they keep trying to make it right I am tired of sending my food back. I do not go out to dine so that I can watch my husband eat while I wait for the kitchen to RE-cook my food, and even though my husband loves the Outback he agrees that the one in Fairview Heights is terrible. Everything I order is either overcooked, undercooked or oversalted to the point where it is inedible. I ordered the rack of lamb and they brought me lamb chops. The waiter specifically asked me if I wanted to have my rack cut into chops and I said no. Naturally they brought me lamb chops: each every one heavily seasoned with their salty seasoning mix which rendered the chops inedible. I ask for a steak cooked Pittsburgh rare and they brought me one that was well done. I as for lamb chops to be medium and the lamb bit me when I poked a fork in it. It is the only Outback that is consistently empty because the food is so poorly cooked. When you complain, they try to make it right, but sending my food back ruins the entire experience for me. I don't want free food, I don't want it RE-cooked, I want it right the first time which is something the kitchen seems to be incapable of doing. It's too bad because the Outback was consistently one of my favorite restaurants for a number of years. I hope the one and Fairview Heights is not indicative of the experience one can now expect at other Outback Restaurants around the country.
Food 1 star
Service 2.5 stars

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